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3IT Consulting provides innovative IT solutions and consulting services to solve mission critical problems facing the Small-to-Mid Sized Business, Enterprise, and the Government. 3IT provides consulting services in the following key areas:

  •   Microsoft Consulting Services
  •   Infrastructure Virtualization
  •   IT Infrastructure Engineering and Support
  •   Business Continuity
  •   Information Security
  •   Information Assurance

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Small-to-Mid Size Businesses and Enterprise

Server virtualization is having huge positive financial and operational impacts on organizations of all sizes. The ability to consolidate multiple application workloads on fewer physical servers saves money in equipment, energy, and management, and adding new virtual servers is simple and fast. Information Technology automatically becomes more responsive to users when they can launch new applications in hours instead of weeks. Server virtualization can also increase application availability and make data protection/disaster recovery more affordable and less complex.

3IT Consulting can help you start the move toward virtualization with our comprehensive virtualization knowledge and in-depth Microsoft solutions.

For more information, please review some of information White Papers on virtualizing your infrastructure.

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3IT Consulting has years of knowledge and experience working with successfully fielded Department of Defense programs such as U.S. Air Force Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Information Assurance (IA), Cyber Security, Development, Testing and Evaluation (DT&E), Certification and Accreditation (C&A), Enterprise Architecture design, Test Lab Virtualization, Web Development, and much more.  Our past history in these areas puts us in a great position to help your organization develop and implement successful solutions to IT problems. 


Enterprise IT Support

  1. Onsite Engineering, Configuration and Installation
  2. Documentation and Training (on-site)
  3. System Continuity
  4. Assessment & Testing
  5. Project Management
  6. Stakeholder Communicationt
  7. Risk Management
  8. Project Close Out
  9. Migration & Management of Virtual Infrastructure
  10. Management of Servers, Storage, & Networking Devices
  11. Management of Multi-Site Data Center Installation & Support
  12. Engineering and Implementation of SIPRNET networks in an Air Force Environment
  13. Engineering for virtualizing Storage, Network, & Server Applications
  14. Enterprise Level Management and Support of VMWare, Microsoft, other UCS Manager, and other various management software
  15. On-Site Pre-deployment Surveys
  16. Remediate Survey Discovered Deficiencies to meet requirements
  17. Rack, Stack, and Configure Required Equipment at each base
  18. Coordinate Proper Cabling and Accessories to Support Data Center Network Devices
  19. Support PDU, Equipment Racks, and UPS Delivery and Installation
  20. Manage and implement Network and System Changes to meet required compliance

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